Available Categories

Category: AnimalsAnimals
Being the daughter of a veterinarian and a biology major in college, Linda has a fondness for animals. Both pet portraits and wildlife have been rendered in a variety of media, but acrylic is her preferred medium. More animals appear in sketch/story form in Worship art section.

Category: LandscapeLandscape
Dramatic lighting and nostalgic elements make these landscape pieces memorable. Included in this section are scenes of downtown Hopkinsville, KY, from the early 1960's, and collages of landmarks, architecture or other scenic elements. Commissions of personal interest, such as farm, hobby, and vehicle collections are also possible.

Category: Decorative PaintingDecorative Painting
The following examples of decorative painting were commissioned works done in acrylic. Contact the artist for estimates on your decorative painting ideas. Please, have your dimensions and surface information ready when you call. Surface preparation may be done by the client in advance of the artist's time. Some restrictions may apply.

Category: MuralsMurals
Filling a large expanse with delightful imagery can be accomplished by applying acrylics directly on your wall or on a large canvas or group of canvases. Express your personality or make a positive statement in a dramatic format. Canvases are done in my studio; wall murals done on location include travel and accommodation expenses. Some restrictions may apply.

Category: PortraitsPortraits
Whether it is capturing a moment or portraying a special face, Linda now focuses on acrylic for painting people of all ages. Prints are available of some of her portraits since they portray endearing qualities and impart classic messages of joy, peace and love. Biblical characters have been represented in some of her poignant scenes.

Category: Still LifeStill Life
This section includes a collection of both still life pieces and florals. Many of the still life are done with the old master's chiaroscuro lighting technique. I like to tell a story with the still life pieces. Commissions are possible making an arrangement of your family's nostalgic treasures, hobby items, or collectibles.

Category: WorshipWorship
In 2000 Chalice expanded Christian artistic ministry with beginning to paint visions given by the Lord. This is referred to as "painting the Father's heart", or prophetic art. To paraphrase Habakkuk 2:1-2, "...I wait to SEE what He will say (receive a vision in my spirit)... then 'engrave' it on my tablet for those passersby who will read it as they hurry on life's path." Simply said, this is message art, speaking to the soul and spirit. Not every picture is for every person. Linda has painted over 1,000 pieces during worship services, in time varying from 15 minutes to an hour. A more detailed studio rendering of a vision may be commissioned in acrylic.

Category: Spirit-led Fine ArtSpirit-led Fine Art
Most of these paintings were created in the studio, with loving care. They are all from visions the Lord has given the artist, giving them spiritual significance and a message. Most of them are framed or matted/framed, and some have appeared in exhibits. Prophetic art samples created in worship services since 2000 is available in the WORSHIP category. A few of those pieces are included here, since they appear to be more greatly detailed than most of the sketches, hence the designation of 'fine art'. Some pieces may appear in other categories as well.